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We wanted to share a blog this week on the movement we’re seeing regarding sustainability, plastic waste and the fashion industry.  This week BBC News shared an article on the fast fashion industry highlighting concerns being raised by MPs in the houses of parliament. Last week BBC One shown their documentary – Drowning in plastic, which quite frankly sent the internet wild. Uncovering the harsh truths about plastic and the damage it’s causing to our eco system. We think it’s pretty cool that people, businesses and the media are raising more awareness on these issues and it’s even cooler more people are acting upon it and making a difference!

We always have a choice and every day we make choices that are either good or harmful to our environment. We need to be more mindful about the choices we’re making and the impact they have. Sometimes the littlest of changes can make a massive difference! On the back of BBC One’s documentary, we wanted to share some tips on how to live more sustainably, reduce your plastic waste and shop more ethically. These tiny changes could quite literally, save the world 😊.
Plastic Waste
– QUIT buying bottled water. Grab a reusable one instead!
– Stock up on reusable bags!
– Purchase items with as little packaging as possible (especially your fruit and veggies)!
Sustainable Fashion Tips
– Avoid Polyester!
– Buy Organic or Fairtrade Clothing!
– Reduce your waste and keep your clothes that little longer. Release your inner fashionista and think of different ways you can style your older garments!
Be The Change
It was absolutely heart breaking to see the shearwater chicks projecting up plastic as the biologists gently performed the exercise. On average these chicks are found to have between 30 – 50 individual pieces of plastic in their stomachs. This is happening due to the mother digesting plastic when hunting and mistaking them for food. Pen lids and bottle tops were commonly found inside these chicks and we need to change this.
If you haven’t already watched Drowning in Plastic, then we urge you to do so!
Let’s keep making changes and contributing effectively.
Peace and Love x

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