Creating Your Sustainable Wardrobe

Want to know how to create a sustainable wardrobe? Do you want to be more eco-conscious with your fashion choices? We thought we would give you lovely people a few tips on how to revamp your rails and give you those feel good vibes!
Create a conscious closet and make a difference…
Buy Less, Choose Well
As Vivienne Westwood said – Buy less, choose well. Opt for quality over quantity always. When you’re looking to buy your next wardrobe statement, look for high quality, long lasting sustainable fabrics and make your clothes last longer.
Treat yourself to the good stuff, you deserve it!
Buy Sustainable Clothing
If you want to create the perfect sustainable wardrobe, then buying sustainable wardrobe is a must! Look for eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics. We wrote a blog recently about sustainable fabrics, you should totally take a look :) 
Repair & Reuse
Before you throw out your next piece of clothing think to yourself, can the garment be repaired or reused? Buttons fall off, jeans rip, trousers split and so on. Why throw them away when you can get them repaired! Repair and Reuse is a mantra to live by with your existing clothes.
Take care and cherish your clothing regardless of the brand or label inside. Change the ‘chuck it away’ mindset and hold onto them for as long as you can! Buy only what you LOVE and change the impulsive buying habit. There’re so many benefits to making your clothes last longer. Save money, reduce waste and most importantly, have the luxury of wearing higher quality clothing.
Style Up, Style Down
WE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS – it’s totally us! Our customers love to style our clothing up and down for every occasion. Sustainability at it’s finest. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee or OUTOUT, you can style your clothing for every event. Layer it, mix it, match it – the possibilities are endless! Release your inner fashionista and get styling.
F A S H I O N | W I T H O U T | S A C R I F I C E
Peace and good vibes!
GS x


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