Meet The Team

 Our small yet efficient team bring you sustainable, organic, on trend clothing that you all absolutely LOVE, designed and made by us! We want you to see the people behind the brand and put a face to the name.
In July 2017, Amy Whitfield our Founder started Gypsy Spirit as a side project. Little did we know we were about to embark on a mission to change the world of fashion 🙂 Having completed lots of market research we were concerned about the effects fashion brands were having on our environment and we made a pledge to only produce clothing that is sustainable and eco-friendly.
In January 2018, Lisa Cairns our creative director and partner of Gypsy Spirit joined us. Lisa, a mum of two beautiful young girls was also concerned about our planet and wanted to make a positive difference. Lisa is an experienced fashion designer who decided to step away from fast fashion brands to work on something a lot more meaningful.
We’re doing it for the People
We’re doing it for the Planet
We’re doing it for the Animals
Reach out to us, We would love to hear from you!
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