Our Cotton VS Their Cotton

Know The Difference.

Here at Gypsy Spirit, we felt it was important to discuss why our fabric is more sustainable than the cotton you buy in your favourite shop! So, what are the differences between normal cotton and organic cotton? Is it such a big deal? The answer is definitely YES! Organic cotton is a lot kinder to our environment, much kinder to the people harvesting it and it’s also a lot better for us and our skin. We will of course go into a lot more detail but we were shocked to hear that so many of us aren’t aware of the differences between conventional cotton vs organic cotton.

Conventional Cotton

The production of conventional cotton uses around 11,000  litres of water for every kilogram produced – crazy! Around 450g of cotton is used to make a standard sized tee, that’s a whopping 5,000 LITRES of water to make one TEE! It’s very sad to think that 3rd world countries a lot of people don’t have fresh water yet we are using 5,000 litres of it to make one t-shirt. Conventional cotton uses more insecticides— the most hazardous chemicals to human health —than any other crop. It’s hard to believe it’s often portrayed as a soft, gentle, natural fabric.  Conventional cotton has also been known to pollute our rivers due to the drainage systems built in. When the drainage water makes its way into the river, pesticide residues and fertilisers are also entering, killing our fish and damaging our eco-system.

Organic Cotton

Certified organic cotton benefits the people and our planet. Farmers that harvest organic cotton do not use any pesticides at all, instead they use natural techniques. This is also better for workers as they avoid being in contact with toxic pesticides. Organic cotton is definitely healthier than conventional, it feels a lot more smoother and higher quality! This is because it isn’t broken down or damaged by chemicals in the growing process and remains a 100% natural. Organic cotton is a lot better for your skin due to its natural properties. People who wear non-organic cotton can also be exposed to remaining amount of pesticides which can be absorbed through the skin. Non-organic cotton and the chemicals that are used have been shown to cause many health issues.
Cotton is one of the most widely used products in the fashion industry. We have an alternative to conventional cotton, this is why we are passionate about using environmentally friendly, sustainable fabrics.  Organic cotton is better quality, kinder to all and it’s long lasting… what’s not to love?!
If you are committed to our environment and making the world a better place, choose 100% organic cotton next time you buy your new tee!
Gypsy Spirit x


  • John Mulindi

    I didn’t know we have 2 types of cottons, but thanks to this post, I have been educated.

  • tonya morris

    Wow I had no idea that non-organic cotton was so terrible! This is some great information and I will definitely be buying organic from now on!

  • Surekha Busa

    Wow, i didn’t know that for a fact, i thought there us a single kind of cotton and that is organic. I never knew anout the conventional til i read this.

  • Sara Welch

    I love that companies are also using organic cotton in feminine products; such a healthier alternative and better for the environment!

  • kathleen

    i think its so great its organic!

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