Reducing Your Waste

The Easy Guide To Waste Free Living
Zero waste is something we’re hearing on the regular. Unfortunately for us, due to the way the majority of businesses operate it’s extremely hard for us good humans to really live a waste free lifestyle. One of the most important things we can do for our planet right now is to reduce our waste. We all need to take responsibility for the choices we make, we all have the power to change the world. It’s so important that we start to think about the types of products we’re buying and how we consume and dispose of them.
Landfill waste is extremely problematic in a number of ways. Waste pollutes the environment releasing methane gas into the air. Water is also affected by leach contaminants and destroys the land.
By adopting small changes over time, this can massively help our planet and have a really positive impact on our environment. We want to help you be the best version of yourself! Make the right step towards a greener future, a healthier future with our tips on how to reduce your waste –
Tip 1 – Buy Reusable Items
Buying reusable items are massive part of living a waste free, sustainable lifestyle. We’ve discussed in previous blogs about the benefits of using reusable coffee mugs, water bottles, bags and so on. Purchase some reusable containers that will last a lifetime, use them instead of tinfoil, clingfilm or plastic bags! A small change like this goes along way and it also saves money whilst saving the planet!
Tip 2 – Say NO to disposable Items
Disposal items such as straws, plastic cutlery, beauty products like razors or even baby products such as nappies leave a devasting. Why not look for long-lasting, reusable, low waste products as alternatives. We guarantee you will find them and furthermore LOVE them. We know disposable items are pleasing and convenient, but we need to see beyond our selfish needs and look at the bigger picture. Let’s do what’s right not what’s easy.
Tip 3 – Choose products with the least packaging
On your next shopping trip, be consciously aware of the products you’re buying whether that be food, beauty, household and other products. Look for products with the least packaging that will leave less of an impact.
Tip 4 – Start Composting
Composting at home means less waste ending up at landfill. Composting also improves the earth by enriching the soil. Reduce your impact on the environment, save money and save resources! Buy a little compost bin and you’re away!
Tip 5 – Repair and Upcycle Old Items
This goes for everything. Clothing, furniture, accessories, the list is endless. Repairing your items and replacing the ‘throw it out and buy new’ mentality is SO important. Now we’re not saying don’t treat yourself every now and then but why throw out something that can be easily fixed and repaired? Even if you can’t repair it, take it to someone who can. This saves you money and it reduces your personal waste. We’ve all been there when we have either thrown an item of clothing away or gave it to a friend, a year later you’re crushing on it again and wishing you had it back. Lesson learnt.
Tip 6 – Buy Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Products
There’re pretty much eco-friendly alternatives to absolutely everything you buy today. It’s important to utilise them and support the businesses trying to make a positive impact to the world we live because essentially it’s down to them and you to make a difference.
So… Be The Change You Wish To See.
It starts with you.
GS x


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