Slow Fashion

Be A Part Of The Movement
Slow fashion has never been more on trend than it is today in 2018, slow fashion is a movement and you NEED to be a part of it.
Slow fashion is about creating clothing consciously with the environmental impact at the forefront of everything we do. Today’s fast fashion industry relies on global mass production, using harmful fabrics and practises in order to produce cheap unethical clothing. Yes you might save a little buying a cheaper garment, but is it really worth it? 9 times out of 10 the garment won’t last, and it will end up at landfill before you know it! Slow fashion represents all things Eco, Ethical and Plant based! No nasty chemicals, synthetic fabrics or harmful processes.
When you shop with Gypsy Spirit you can have confidence that your clothing was made ethically and sustainably. Fashion without sacrifice is possible, but you need to be the change you wish to see in the world.
Each time you buy a sustainable piece of clothing, you’re supporting…
–  Ethical businesses who are contributing positively
– You’re helping our planet
– You’re helping the lovely people who farm the fabric and their well being
– You’re saving animals and marine life
Amongst a million other benefits, sustainable clothing is the future of fashion.


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