Sustainable Clothing – Our Mission

Here at Gypsy Spirit we are all for sustainability in fashion. Fashion doesn’t need to be so harmful towards our planet and it’s species,we firmly believe in FASHION WITHOUT SACRIFICE… it’s possible. It’s about time we all take responsibility for the choices we make when buying our clothes. We should all be thinking, how were my clothes made and in what sort of conditions? What impact did these clothes have on our environment? You can then make choices to buy items from sustainable fashion brands and support the smaller businesses trying make a massive impact in the fashion industry.
When you shop with Gypsy Spirit you can rest assured that your clothing was made ethically, sustainably and with purpose. We are so passionate about changing the fashion industry, we believe it’s vital for us to change our shopping habits now given the state of our planet. All of our clothing is made from 100% certified organic cotton, putting the people and our planet first.
We are on a mission to create a more compassionate culture and educate consumers on how their clothing is made and what it is made from. To stay informed about fashion, eco-friendly fabrics and how you can contribute, make sure you subscribe!
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