About Us

organic clothing
Gypsy Spirit was founded in the UK July 2017 bringing you ethically made, sustainable clothing. Gypsy Spirit is an on trend, sustainable fashion brand, designing and producing clothing made from sustainable, organic fabrics.
We are committed to influencing positive change within the fashion industry and raising awareness of the harmful fabrics that cause extreme damage to our environment, marine life and animals.

Fashion Without Sacrifice.

When you shop with US, you can rest assured your items have been made ethically and sustainably without harming the environment. Our clothing is manufactured by a WRAP certified factory meaning they strictly follow international social labour laws. It’s important to know that your clothing is being made ethically and the lovely people that are making your garments are treated fairly, paid well and work in good conditions.
The majority of our clothing is made using GOTS certified fabric (Global Organic Textile Standard) which is 100% organic and animal cruelty-free.  ALL of our clothing is made from sustainable, Eco-friendly fabrics. We believe no animal should be harmed purely in the process to provide clothes for us to wear. Other sustainable fabrics include 100% cotton and bamboo.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help. 
Love and Good Vibes
Amy, Lisa & Team x